Expansion Joints

ThermoFab produces three types of non-metallic expansion joints.

Elastomeric: Installed in systems operating at 150C or below.

A solid product with one or more reinforcing plies laminated with an elastomeric material which is vulcanised in a Homogeneous solid product. TF-001: 2 Ply Glass Reinforced 6mm EPDM – TF-002: 1 Ply Glass Reinforced 3mm EPDM.

Elastomeric Composite: Installed in systems operating between ambient to 1000 Degrees C.

The Elastomeric Composite Joint typically uses the following: An outer layer of either 3mm EPDM or RL7542 Silicone Rubber with a Thermal Insulation Barrier encapsulated with a hard wearing fabric, normally graphite loaded.

Fluroplastic: Installed in systems with maximum temperature of 315C.

The Fluroplastic Expansion Joint is used in applications with a high concentrated acid content. This type of expansion joint is especially recommended when there is a combination of high acid and high temperature. The Fluroplastic Expansion Joint can either be supplied as a ‘standalone’ unit, where the maximum temperature cannot exceed 315C or as a multi-layered expansion joint allowing it to handle temperatures of up to 1000C.

Types of Expansion Joints

  • Single Layered Strip Expansion Joints
  • Multi-Layered Strip Expansion Joints
  • Circular Flanged Expansion Joints
  • Flanged Box type Expansion Joints
  • Single and Multi-Layered Sleeve Expansion Joints
  • Tapered Expansion Joints
  • Factory Fitted – Cartridge Systems






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