ThermoFab’s non-metallic expansion joints are flexible connectors designed to provide stress relief in the ducting system by absorbing movement caused by thermal activity. They also act as vibration isolators, shock absorbers and in some instances compensate for minor misalignment of associated ducting or equipment. The basis for ThermoFab’s expansion joint technology is a fibreglass reinforced EPDM Elastomer specifically developed for use as expansion joint material.

For higher temperature applications, an alternative silicone material can be used which offers the same mechanical characteristics as the EPDM. The availability of both these materials provide the foundation for a versatile and robust expansion joint system; custom made to suit almost any application.

Why Elastomeric Expansion Joints?

In the past, manufacturers often made expansion joints from fabric-based materials, many of which resulted in a ‘flimsy’ product. ThermoFab uses elastomeric materials, which, by virtue of their thickness, result in a heavier duty and less stressed expansion joint – offering a longer, trouble-free working life.

ThermoFab designs and manufactures expansion joints to suit standard flange systems, as well as having the capability to manufacture joints to suit any size, shape or application.

All ThermoFab strip-type expansion joints are supplied with a joining kit and comprehensive installation instructions to ensure trouble-free mounting of expansion joints and bolsters.